Study Abroad

You Can’t Afford NOT to Study Abroad!

I’m currently awaiting my Tier 4 Visa from the British Consulate in NY. I’ve been working towards this study abroad trip since November 2016. That’s 10 long, stressful months of trying to figure out how I could study abroad. I’ve known that I’ve wanted to study abroad since high school. I always felt like I would never be able to because I don’t have a lot of money or because I’m not an outgoing person.


But I was wrong. There are ways to pay for study abroad, just like there are ways to pay for college! And although I am more of an introvert, I feel that pushing myself to live out 10 months in a foreign country will help me.


I truly believe that you cannot afford to NOT study abroad. I’m going to be uploading new articles about obtaining visas, choosing where to study abroad, how to pay for study abroad, and more! Make sure to subscribe so you won’t miss out. And comment below if there’s anything you want me to cover!







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