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20+ Jobs on Your College Campus

 Struggling for money is not fun, but it’s a reality for many students in college. My first semester in college, I wanted an on-campus job, but had no clue about where to look. Now, I’m working for my third semester on campus. I’ve compiled a list of all the places to find a job on your campus. You won’t get rich, but college is so much more enjoyable when you have a little cash!

1. Financial Aid Office

The financial aid office should be one of your first stops! It varies by college, but most schools (at least the ones that receive federal aid) offer something called Work-Study. To be eligible to apply for work-study, you need to be receiving aid through FAFSA. This is how I got my job on campus. You can either print off an application from your school’s financial aid page or stop by the office and inquire about work-study.

Ideally, they try to match you to something related to your major, but they will still try to find you a job if you are undecided. I’m an English major so they assigned me to work in the English Language Institute (ELI). Work-study will be minimum wage, which is $7.25 here.

Additionally, financial aid offices often hire student workers to work at the desk and with paperwork. If you’re good with numbers and agree to keep information confidential, this could be the job for you!

2. Career Services Center

If the financial aid office isn’t your first stop, career services should be! They offer a range of services, including helping you search for jobs. Let them know that you want a job on campus (or off campus) and they will try to find one for you. Like the financial aid office, they often hire students for the office. Inquire about that while you’re there!

3. Bookstore

Most college bookstores hire students either year-round or on a temporary basis. At the beginning and end of semesters, they need extra hands. Common jobs are re-stocking, sorting, and handling the cash register. They usually offer perks, too! I knew a girl who worked there at the beginning of the semester and she got a discount on all clothes!

4. Post Office

If you want an easy-going job, this is a great pick. You’ll sort mail and handle packages. Maybe run the cash register. But when you’re not working, you can study for class or catch up on homework.

5. Academic Resource Center (ARC)

I think it’s safe to say that all schools have a version of the academic resource center, the name varies. Aside from working in the ELI, I also work in ARC as a tutor. Tutors are usually hired every semester and must have made an “A” or “B” in the class(es) they want to tutor. The ARC may also hire students for other jobs, such as lab assistant. A lab assistant directs students coming into the ARC and helps them if they need assistance on the computer or with something else. They also perform office duties like decorating bulletin boards.

My best friend is a lab assistant and has a lot of time to do homework and browse the web. Sweet gig! The best part? Perks! This will vary by campus, but my ARC allows the student workers to register early which helps a ton when you’re trying to nab a popular class for next semester. Tutors make anywhere from $8.75-$10 an hour at my school. Lab assistants get $8.75.


6. The Writing Center

Sometimes the writing center is a part of ARC, sometimes it’s not. The job entails proofreading, editing and providing student with feedback on papers they bring in. Other than that, it can be lax! My school pays $10 for this job.

7. Resident Assistant (RA)

This job has a lot of perks, but it also requires serious workers and you won’t have a lot of free time, if any! I was going to be an RA this year, but they put me on the waiting list and I decided not to go to training. Typically, you must apply, take a class, and then go to an interview/orientation day. Then they let you know if you got the job or not (or if you’re on the stand-by list). If you get the job, they’ll require you to attend a training week is usually 1-2 weeks before the semester starts. Perks vary, but usually include: free room and board and a stipend.

8. Desk Assistant:

This is 100% the easiest job on a college campus. If you get the job, you sit at a desk in the dorm lobby from specific times, usually 9pm-1am and make people sign in their guests. If there is suspicious activity, you report it. Other than that, sit down with homework or a laptop and do whatever you want! I think my school pays about $10 an hour.

9. Nude Modeling

If your school has an art department, they probably need models for the artists. I have a friend in the art department and she says they constantly need more people. If you’re comfortable, you can make a little extra cash. This is a side gig really, not a steady income flow. But pay can be as much as $10 for 30 mins or $25 for 1 hour!

10.  Cafeteria

Like to cook? Don’t mind washing dishes or wearing a hair net? Great, this is the job for you. You’ll possibly: cook, take out trash, swipe meal cards, put food out, clean, wash dishes. Not sure how much this one pays! I’m sure there is some perk like free food after work or something. Just ask them when you go to investigate.

11. Other Food Places

Every school has their food services set up differently. But if your school has outside food restaurants like mine, those usually hire separately from the cafeteria. My school has Chick-Fil-A and Boar’s Head. Remember my friend who works in the ARC? She used to work at the Chick-Fil-A on a campus. They pay was minimum wage, $7.25 here. Perks include eating leftover food and a discount on all meals!

12. Coffee Shop

My school has a “Starbucks”. They need people to run the cash register and make coffee. Simple job, but you need to be a fast learner and remember the recipes. Additionally, inside the coffee shop is a separate store called the P.O.D store. They need someone who can re-stock and man the register.

13. Athletic Department

There is usually a decent amount of different jobs offered for students from the athletic center. Know yoga or boxing? Get paid to teach a fitness class! Enjoy working out in the gym? They need people to sit at the desk and make sure things go smoothly. Like sports? There are a range of jobs from assistant coach to golf caddy! Not sure about the pay, but I would guess it’s decent and probably some perks.

14. Admissions

There are typically two different jobs that admissions offer. The first is the good-old desk job. You need to dress business casual and help students and parents. The other job is tour guide. They need students to give tours to prospective students on Preview Days (basically, open house). Perks? Like the ARC, early registration! Pay is probably good.

15. Campus Activities Board (CAB)

They might be called something different on your campus, but CAB employs students for a range of jobs. They are the people who plan activities every week on campus! The activity coordinators get paid a stipend. It varies but it could be up to $1500 a semester! It is a lot of work though. However, another job they have is Orientation Team leaders (OT). OT members help during freshman or transfer orientation. They host activities, give tours and answer student questions. They get paid decent and they get early registration!

16. Library

This is one of the most sought after jobs on college campuses. Students usually man the desk and check books in or out and direct students. For the most part, they can just do homework or something else. There are usually a ton of application. I’m not sure about perks or pay, but must be good if everyone wants that job!

17. Technology Department

I’m not sure if this is a work-study job or not, but I do know the technology department is looking for students in that field. If you’re a computer science major, or something else in that field, this is a perfect job for you. It can be a lot of fun, too. I know someone who has this job and he films a lot of school events. Not sure about pay or perks on this one.

18. Office of International Programs

They handle the study-abroad programs and bringing in of international students, as well as fun events. Check and see if they need an assistant. Pay is about $10 usually.

19. Newspaper

Staff writers don’t get paid at my school, but the Editor-in-Chief does. If you enjoy writing and can handle the leadership role, you could get as much as $1500 stipend per semester!

20. Literary Magazine

My school’s literary magazine doesn’t pay, but some schools have ones that do. If you like writing, art, photography or just enjoy reading submissions, this might be a good job for you!

21. Note Taker

Virtually every campus needs note takers. Some students have disabilities and the school needs people to take notes for them.  Find out where your Disabilities Services is on campus and inquire about note-taking. I did this for a semester and the extra coffee cash is great! You usually get paid per class for notes. So if you take notes 4x a week, that’s a decent amount of extra income!

Do you know of a job on campus that isn’t listed? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading 🙂



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