How I Fly to England for $900 or Less: You Can Too!

You get on Google and try to find flights to England or somewhere else, but the cheapest is $1200! What gives?  Keep reading to see what website I use to minimize price and still fly on top airlines!

Going somewhere new is exciting, but spending a ton of money isn’t! The first time I went to England was in May of 2016 and the most recent time was in December 2016. I flew on American Airlines both times and for less than $1000 each time. You can too!

Below, I’m going to talk about one specific website that I have used and love. However, it’s important to note that you won’t always get the lowest price (it’s just the truth). I would still recommend checking other places, but for the most part this website is the one I use for international travel.  One more thing: always read the terms and conditions (more on that in a minute)!

StudentUniverse is my preferred flight website for international travel. I used them in May 2016 when I booked my flight for England. My flight was booked very late, but the total price was only about $900 so that was great. I was shocked and happy that I was on American Airlines. I even got to fly on British Airways one leg of the flight (the food was great!) I like StudentUniverse because I feel like they actually care about their customers and want to do what’s best for them.

  • Visit
  • Read their Airfare Terms BEFORE booking, click here to read them (about half way down the page)
  • You have to pay the airfare at one time (like most websites)
  • Check out their current promo codes on this page

The reason it’s important to read terms and conditions is because some websites and agencies will keep all of your payment if you cancel and some will give a partial payment refund. Just make sure to check out the terms or ask any agent before you book (this goes for all websites and agencies).

Have you ever booked a flight online? Let me know about your favorite website in the comments!


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