Semester Prep

Preparing for a New Semester: 6 Things To Do Before or During the First Week of the Semester

Once the semester starts, you’ll be busy and you might not have time to complete some of these tasks. I recommend that you do at least 2 of these in order to be better prepared for the new semester ahead. Here are six things I do before or during the first week of the semester:


1. Research Prices for Your Textbooks

My school usually releases a required materials list about two weeks before classes start, that’s when I research all of my textbooks to find the lowest price. Your school bookstore will NEVER have the lowest price. I recommend checking out Amazon for low price rentals. You can also check out my article on5 Ways to Save Money on Textbooks!

Once you’ve found prices you’re happy with, you can either order the books or hold off on one you aren’t sure you’ll need. Either way, you will save time and money.
2. Create a Schedule

Last semester, I took 15 credit hours. This semester, I am taking 15 credit hours again and I am working. In order to stay on track and ensure my grades don’t suffer, I created a schedule with my classes, work and study time inputted. I recommend doing the same. You can view mine as a sample. I created it via Excel but you can also use another application like Google Calendar.

3. Walk Around Campus and Find Your Classes

Trust me, you do not want to be looking for a class with only 15 minutes to get there. Go out a few days early and maybe a few separate times and figure out where your classes are. It will save you time when you don’t have any to lose and it might also save you some embarrassment.

4. Create a Master Assignment List or Individual Assignment Lists

If your professors are like mine, you probably won’t get your syllabi until the first class. After the first week, you might be too busy to do this. Use a printable like this one, or type your own to create a list(s) of all your assignments.

You can either do one for each class or add all your assignments in order by the due date for all your classes to be on one master list. This will help you to stay organized and ensure you complete your assignments throughout the semester.

It may take a bit of time to out this together, but it will be well worth it when you have all your assignments together. As you complete them, mark through them with a highlighter or pen.

5.  Make Sure Your Class Schedule is Correct

Make sure that all your classes are on your schedule and that they don’t overlap. You don’t want to show up and have the professor wondering why you are there because you’re not on the roll sheet, or not know how to get to class because the information in missing.

6. Create a Class Overview for All of Your Classes

Use a printable like this to ensure that you have all the information you need for your classes. It will save a lot of time when you need your professor’s office hours or email address. You can also hand write these if you’d like.

After I completed a Class Overview for each class, I stapled them together and pinned the packet to my bullet board so I have them all in one place and won’t lose them.


Did you like this article? Are you going to use any of these ideas for the upcoming semester? Let me know below!


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