Today, I’m going to talk about why every dorm should have a dry erase board and the many ways you can use one.
My friends over at Diamond Tab have supplied me with a free dry erase board for this post. All opinions are my own 🙂
The quality of the Diamond Tab dry erase board is much better than the ordinary ones you’ll find in Walmart. It’s multifunctional. Aside from writing on it, it’s magnetic. It comes with 4 magnets and a black dry erase marker that doubles as an eraser. You’ll also be supplied with 4 adhesives to secure it to walls or doors, along with two magnetic adhesives for refrigerators or other magnetic surfaces.

Below, you’ll find 3 essential uses for your new DIamond Tab Magnetic Dry Erase Board.

1. For Messages & Mail
Putting a dry erase board on your dorm door is has always been popular among college and university students. Whether you put it on your main door outside the hall or your private dorm door, it is sure to be used. If you put your Diamond Tab Magnetic Dry Erase Board where anyone can access it from the hall, you’ll get tons of messages. Students will wish you happy birthday and attach cards with the magnets. Your friends can leave you a message and ask for you to call back. If your RA needs to speak with you, they’ll let you know via your dry erase board.

If you have a private dorm, your roommate can leave you a message. Some things your roommate might write include:

  • “see you for dinner @ 6”, in case you forgot
  • “i borrowed your toothpaste, will pay you back”
  • “call me when you get a chance”
  • “one of your sorority sisters dropped by” and they might attach something from her
2. Plan Out Your Schedule
College and University schedules are nothing like high school. You may have a computer class once a week and an English class thrice. You could have your first class of the day at 9:30 am and your second at 12:00. The schedule is unpredictable, that’s why a great dry erase board like the Diamond Tab Magnetic Dry Erase board is essential. Your parents won’t be there to remind you and your professors don’t care if you show up or not, it’s your responsibility to know your schedule. Aside from recording your class schedule, you can also make notes of tests, quizzes and presentations! You can even hang notes, plan classes and stay on top of everything with the magnets. 


3. To Do Lists
Speaking of staying on top of things…dry erase boards are great for to do lists. You can easily add or erase items from your list without wasting note-taking paper.It also keeps all you to-do list items together in one place, where you won’t lose it. Use your magnets to attach cards that need mailing, money that need to be delivered and anything else that you need to complete your list. Stay up to date on doing your laundry, buying groceries and calling your parents (they miss you).


These are just a few of the most essentials ways to use a magnetic dry erase board in your dorm. If you’re interested in buying one, you can check out the Diamond Tab Magnetic Dry Erase Board on Amazon or enter your email below to receive discounts from Diamond Tab.
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What’s your favorite use for a dry erase board? Let me know below!


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