Scholarships: 3 things you need to be doing+ FREE printable


Whether you’re just getting started or you’re already a seasoned scholarship hunter, you may be overlooking 3 key tasks that can help you stay organized and win scholarships!

I’ve won over $11,000 in scholarships in ONE semester. You can too!1. Research

Millions of people use scholarship search engines like . What does that mean? That means you’re competing with MILLIONS of people. Any scholarship that you apply to via FastWeb or another scholarship search engine site is going to have at least 1000s of other student’s applying for them.

Scholarship search engines are not the key to winning scholarships. Time and time again I say this but it’s true: local scholarships are the way to go.

Instead of typing in questionnaires about your major and state, perform your own search for scholarships. Don’t just use Google. Use Bing, Yahoo and smaller search engines. Why? They all have different results.

For example, go to a search engine and type in scholarships: [insert city, state] and search. Another mistake student’s make is not going past the first 2 or 3 pages. Sometimes great results don’t show up until 100s of pages down the road. Skip around and see what you find, you’ll be surprised.

2. Organization
So, you a have a list of scholarships you’re eligible for. Now what? Click here to go to our printables page and print off our free Scholarship Chart Printable. It’ll help you organize all the scholarships you want to apply for by name, deadline, award amount and requirements. Here’s a picture of what the chart looks like:


3. Editing
Now that you have done your research and organized your potential winnings, you need to edit. Many people don’t edit their essays. You don’t have to write a new essay for every scholarship! Although some topics are truly unique, these are the three main essay topics:

  • Why do you deserve to win? / Why should you win this money?
  • What would you do with this money? / Why do you need this money?
  • What are you career goals? / What do you hope to accomplish with your degree?

Sometimes, you’ll find a essay where two of these topics are combined, sometimes even more. That’s when it’s time to edit. You don’t need to write a new essay when you have perfectly good ones that can be interchanged.

In a separate word document or google doc, copy and paste each essay. Then erase the sentences you don’t need. Put all your sentences together. Don’t jump back and forth on topics. Be sure that each topic is answered and not spread out.

For example, your first sentence and last sentence shouldn’t be talking about career goals while the rest of your essay is concerned with what you’ll use the money for. It’s okay to talk about both topics in a opening or conclusion sentence. Reword sentences when necessary to ensure everything flows. It should NOT sound chopped up.

What was your favorite thing mentioned in this list? Let me know in the comments below what you think!



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