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12 Free Apps for High School and College Productivity

Below is a list of phone/tablet apps that can aide you in your studies:


1. EasyBib (free). EasyBib is a free app that creates MLA, APA, and other citation style types. It does so when you scan the bar-code on a book. Typing information is soooooo last century!

2. Remember the Milk (free). Remember the Milk is an app that houses several to-do lists on your phone so there’s no need to carry pen and paper around anymore.

3. Quizlet (free). now has an app where you can study, make and share your vocabulary/questions on the go!

4. (free). Search for definitions and such using text or voice.

5. Snap2PDF (free). Instead of having 100s of notes and study guides laying around in a disarray, use Snap2PDF to take a pic and turn it in to PDF form.

6. Lose it! (free). This app helps you keep track of calories and find time between in your busy schedule to exercise, great for anyone wanting to avoid freshman 15 or bounce back from it!

7. bSafe (free). Leaving a party and walking back alone? No fear, bSafe is here! bSafe will notify your designated contacts of an emergency and your exact location with the press of the red SOS button. It can also trigger an alert to be sent if you don’t reach a certain location by a specific time or you can trigger a fake call. bSafe!

8. AnyMemo (free). AnyMemo let’s you create flashcards and then take a quiz based on them! You can also sync it to Dropbox and move info from it to AnyMemo.

9. Nike Training Club (free). It was designed by some of Hollywood’s most famous trainers. Take it anywhere and work out with amazing exercise routines. It will also reward you with recipes, coupons and fitness plans.

10. Songza (free). This app will keep track of what day it is and suggest a playlist for activities such as partying, driving and showering. The music is free, you can skip and you’ll discover new favorite tunes!

11. Shopkick (free). This app gives you points when you walk into stores like Target and American Eagle. Get enough points and you can redeem for free gift cards!

12. Pocket (free). Pocket will let you save articles, videos, anything for viewing at a later time. You can even view these items offline!

If my post has helped you in any way, please share so I can help others too! Thank you. Also, leave a comment if you know of a good studying app!


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